The digital transformation of sales

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that is fundamentally altering the way we work, live, and relate to one another. Digital transformation ushers in an unprecedented convergence of people, business, and things that is disrupting business models in every industry. This disruption is more than simply a technological revolution. Daily practices, information sharing, customer interactions, and even competition are also being transformed.

Digital Disruption is the fourth Industrial Revolution




In-person relationships drive sales that are personalized but limited



Rolodex and telephone contact lists drive increased engagement capability



Cheap travel and GPS enable large-scale monolithic but impersonal engagement



Ability to scale while creating a personalized engagement that adds value


Digital is transforming the way we sell

Sales has come long way from the door-to-door salesperson, the cold-calling Rolodex jockey, and the jetsetting deal-maker. The digital era now gives us the ability to connect with and delight customers in a more targeted, effective, and contextual way.

Digital means we can now engage with customers at scale while fostering a much more personal relationship with them. This differentiated customer experience is an exciting development that represents untold value and unlimited potential.

Digital is changing the landscape

In 2018, 30 percent of businesses will have begun monetizing their information assets.

84 percent of CEOs expect digital selling to increase profit margins.

Digital companies generate $100 million more in operating income each year.

By 2020, the increase in digital business strategies will drive 60 percent of IT spend.

“Inside Sales is incredibly strategic to Microsoft as it enables us to deliver scale and consistency to the new customer journey that we are supporting in this digital era. If you think about how we support customers today, it transcends everything from anonymous engagement all the way through to advocacy and Inside Sales is strategic to almost every element of the same.”

Judson Althoff

EVP, WW Commercial Business

Forces driving the digital customer experience

Build relationships

Customers want a more personalized, streamlined experience designed to meet the specific needs of their business. Providing real value establishes trust, builds relationships, and drives successful business outcomes.

Be channel agnostic

Customers want an experience that is ubiquitous, channel agnostic, and consistent. They want the ability to self-serve and know that we can meet them where they are, engaging with the right solution at the right time in their digital journey.

Be agile

Agility is key to meeting customer expectations of products and services. Customers expect us not only to meet but to anticipate their needs and produce solutions that are tailored to them. This means embracing a new culture where hierarchy fades and innovation happens through networks.

Customer experience is the heart of digital transformation—digital is at the center of the customer experience.

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