Inside or Outside, Sales are Sales

by Sebastian Siminovich Blok – Dublin |  November 30, 2017

I’ve been working for the last 20 years in different sales and non-sales positions. In Microsoft for the last 14, the last 10 in different sales roles although I’m a firm believer that we are all selling all the time. We are selling when we cry for food as babies, we’re selling when we try out for the football team, we are selling when we are applying to universities and we are selling when we propose to our loved ones. We are all sellers.

I have sold to customers of all sizes and sold very different solutions. From consulting to licenses, from on premise to cloud subscriptions, from the most strategic to the most transactional deals, from the once off smallest value deals to multi-million multi-year deals. All of my previous experience is field based, outside, in front of the customer. Alone, leading teams and being part of teams. Wining and dining, 120 flights per year, face to face and going to the local subsidiaries to perform sales training, all outside.

Recently I have taken a fantastic position in our growing Inside Sales team as a Sales Manager for an incredible team. Not an easy decision for a typical field seller. Many derisory stares, and many “are you sure?” conversations with peers and colleagues. After a lot of research and successful interviews I was sold on this and after 6 months of learning new things every single day, I have come to the most incredible of conclusions.

Sales are sales wherever you are, inside or outside.

Sellers still need to build pipeline. They still need to generate revenue. They still need to forecast accurately, and they still need to do territory planning. For all of this to happen, they still need to bring value to customers, figure out their needs or create needs for them. Sellers still need to determine who has the power, who has the budget, what are their timelines. Inside or outside we still talk to customers, partners, influencers, the ones who are against us and the ones who are our allies. We still have close plans, opportunity reviews and investment funding.

But most importantly we still have customers who expect us to bring our best every single day to add value and to help them make money or save money. Inside or Outside we still must become our customer’s trusted advisor. We still have to work very closely with our partner ecosystem and we still have to make sure that whatever we’re doing day in and day out is thinking customer first.

It is that customer first perspective where an Inside Sales centre thrives, as we can leverage knowledge at our fingertips in a single location that would otherwise be hard to get in traditional sales. We can scale at unprecedented levels through programmatic approaches and thoroughly orchestrated sales execution. We can increase the time to value to our customers through an amalgamation of resourcing that is not easy to get in a traditional sales environment.

I’ve learned through the privilege of an experienced leadership team, a phenomenal sales team and a remarkable set of peers in our expanding sales centre that hard work, insights and customer obsession needs to be at the forefront of any sales organization, Inside or Outside.

And furthermore, while exchanging ideas with inspirational sales leaders who have done this for many years my conclusion is reinforced. Inside or Outside, Sales are sales.

So I challenge you to challenge yourself and figure out if you have what it takes to further your career in sales or to start your career in sales in our Inside Sales Centre. At the end of the day, Inside or Outside, Sales are Sales, but inside Microsoft, the sky is the limit.

Check out the video below to get a look at the Inside Sales Center in Dublin!

Here is a link for open opportunities in Dublin:


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