Building a better tomorrow by stepping into the unknown in Sydney

by Aaron Cova – Sydney  |  February 15, 2018

Before I walked through the doors in the Microsoft Sydney campus, I felt like I wasn’t ready for my first day in Inside Sales as my knowledge of IT was minimal. This was the first environment where I would be outside of my knowledge comfort zone. Walking through the doors of a new company and onto the sales floor is captivating in a curious and inspiring way; you know the company name and you know the impact it has in the connected world, but now you truly get to see how Microsoft ticks. The energy, the welcoming buzz, the procession of smiles and handshakes day by day made me feel like I had found a new calling, and a new tribe. Inside Sales shocked me in a pleasant way with its heavy focus on training and onboarding. I was quickly connected with new colleagues in a way that eased my nervousness and removed any thought of being far from what I am comfortable with from my mind.

Comfort in an uncharted mind

What I’ve learned in this incredible hybrid of life and technology through Microsoft was nothing like what I expected. I’d heard about products like as Surface, Xbox and the late Microsoft Band, but the intriguing nature of cloud services that are transforming and digitalizing the world we live in came as a wonderous surprise. I’ve been given an opportunity to step into a new wonderland of potential to empower everyone I come into contact with, and an exclusive pass into building the future for businesses will shape our tomorrow.

The drive to be better

From the first steps on my journey 7 months ago to now, Microsoft’s Inside Sales team has displayed trust, confidence, and belief in me. I have learnt that this business not only looks to empower everyone around them but also everyone within the team. What is important to me is to be always be moving forward in life, embracing my flaws so that I can continue to shape what success means to me. This isn’t always easy to do while holding down a day job. It’s often not a major area of investment for organizations focused on the bottom line.

Inside Sales has proven to be vastly different, providing me a clear development plan to build my skills for my next roles, challenging me to learn more in areas I am unfamiliar with, and rewarding me for doing both. The true hidden revelation of being a Microsoft employee is that the potential for what you want to become is a core priority of this business. The union of my skills, dreams and aspirations has been accelerated and put in motion through the guidance, knowledge and challenges I am presented with on a daily basis in my role in Inside Sales.

While all this training and personal and professional development is fantastic, for me one of the best aspects of my role is my ability to share what I’m learning with others on the team. This culture of leaning in together to find the right solution for the customer is one of constant innovation, and every seller can share best practices and new ideas to help others on the team grow. We’re all individuals, but we’re all in this together.

I’ve realized that in a very short time, this remarkable experience has not only made my future bright, it has given me the power to make the future bright for everyone else around me.


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