Shaping our environment in Sydney by embracing cultural diversity

by Aaron Cova – Sydney  |  March 23, 2018

Inside Sales Sydney Australia feels like you never need to leave the building to experience the many cultures of the world. Our team is made up of a mixture of professionals spanning all corners of the globe. The most exciting opportunity we are provided with every day at Microsoft is to bond with our peers, experience their traditions, discover their backgrounds and learn sales plays and techniques for serving our customers. There are over 9 different languages spoken in our Sales Centre which makes each day feel like you are on a world tour, just walking to the kitchen.

Embracing something new for something rewarding

We are currently engaged in many sales conversations with citizens the APAC countries that most of us have never been to and personally, cultures that I haven’t been exposed to before such as Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
The most advantageous edge that I have here within the Inside Sales team is to get to know my multicultural peers, many of whom were born and lived in my allocated region’s countries.
From conversing with these colleagues about their culture and traditions, we gain a better understanding of the preferred communication styles of with the diverse customers we serve.

Spreading the joy of the world’s festivities in the Sydney Centre

Being such a multicultural hub in Sydney Australia, we have many opportunities to share festive cultural celebrations from our peers’ home countries within our working environment.
Recently we hosted a pot luck lunch to celebrate the Chinese New Year throughout the centre, all bringing in our own unique dishes to share.
Our team dressed in red to reflect the cultural significance of the holiday. Red symbolises good luck and joy and is also believed to scare away spirits of bad misfortune.
This was not only a cultural celebration of a holiday that Australia doesn’t usually celebrate, it was also was a great opportunity to expose ourselves to diverse backgrounds of our team members while enjoying tasty treats.
The team absolutely enjoyed the festivities and the Australian employees in particular appreciated the opportunity to experience such an amazing cultural milestone.

Building Inside Sales from the inside

It’s been almost a year since our Inside Sales division in Sydney opened, and where we are now and how far we come is a credit to our environment, our shared experiences, and our ability to grow and learn from each other.
By opening our minds and embracing every opportunity to interact with our international colleagues, our regional teams are not only enjoying something new, we are also accelerating our ability to scale our engagement with a global customer base.
With Inside Sales bringing together sellers from around the world, new personal journeys are constantly being discovered and new cultures explored. Not to mention the incredible holiday destinations that had never crossed our minds that are now on the top of the list! As a truly global organization, we’re truly going where very few sales teams have gone before.

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