Risking everything to win everything!

by Darshi McKenzie – Sydney  |  May 6, 2018

Success is not a secret formula. Success is based on your incredible ability to perform no matter what circumstances you are facing. Your mind is an amazing tool that can adapt, adopt and disrupt to create brand new ways to evolve. If you really want something, then set it up as a clear goal and work hard towards it. This is how my Microsoft journey began.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unknown

At the end of 2015, my wife and I were living a comfortable life in Sweden with our two children, Domenic (2) and Isadora (6 months). I had a respectable job working in the advertising industry, my wife took care of our two darlings and we lived in a lovely 1920’s era villa. Life was perfect, or was it?

Deep down inside we all have a desire, a wish that needs to be fulfilled. A core vibration that makes up the very essence of our beings. If we do not pay attention to this voice and cohere to the demands it makes, life is not lived, it passes you by. All humans are born with the insights to listen to this voice and from this we have been blessed with fine artists, great thinkers and strong leaders. This calling helps you to put yourself in your best light and to boldly aspire to greatness.

With this belief, I knew that I had to disrupt my world, to throw myself out into the unknown and to fully trust myself and my abilities. Moving out from my comfort zone to ignite the innovative mindset that only comes alive when forced. Ever since I first installed windows 95 on my 233mhz CPU driven desktop the dream was to be a part of the IT revolution and Microsoft was always my ultimate goal. I was fascinated by the way everything was connected and Microsoft stands undefeated as one of the founding pillars of our modern society. I wanted to be a part of that!

It was a cold evening in December during the Christmas holidays when my wife and I decided that it was time for us to follow our inner voices. To bravely leave every string of security from family, friends, society and prepare for a move from Stockholm to Sydney. We wanted to make the move to live my dream to work in the IT-Tech industry and to be a part of something greater than me.

Preparation, planning and execution

The very next day my wife and I made the decision that I would quit my job, sell our house and I would initially travel solo to Australia to arrange everything before bringing my family down under. Coincidentally we found a note stuck to a tree near our house stating, “looking to buy a house in this area, anything of interest?” Obviously, the universe agreed with our decision! What are the odds? We had started listening to our inner voice and life was already playing in our favour. 2 months later we had sold our house independently without a real estate broker with a 50% profit.

A new adventure

Being born in Australia gave me the rights for dual citizenship and our children gained their Australian citizenship by descent, after completing a complex and tedious application process. My wife, being Swedish, endured an even lengthier and more complex citizenship application process.

The flight to Sydney was booked for March 2016 amid much excitement as we faced this unknown challenge, with no contacts or anyone that we could look to for guidance in our endeavours to start a new life down under.
Before leaving I did as much research and preparation as I could. I converted my LinkedIn profile to English and personalised it for my desired future employment in the IT industry. I built a website as my personal resume and optimised it for search.

I educated myself on salaries, cost of rent, food prices and child care expenses. I even studied how to best minimise jetlag to be as productive as possible immediately upon arrival.

Challenging work paying off

When I landed in Sydney in March 2016 it was with bold ambitions and a very adventurous heart and in just under 3 weeks I managed to arrange my Tax File Number, bank accounts, Australian driver’s license, bought a car and secured a lovely rental apartment right on the Northern Beaches.

I sent out roughly 150 emails and job applications and despite this, when I booked my flight back to Sweden to fetch my family I still did not have a job. I was not discouraged by this, as I held firm to the belief that I would succeed.

My family was reunited in Sydney on the 5th of April 2016. My phone rang on the 5th of May and a recruiter from a very respectable and well-known SaaS company introduced himself. What a feeling! I had finally made into the IT-Tech Industry and my dream was starting to come true.

Just one year later, in March of 2017, Microsoft reached out. I was ecstatic to be joining an IT company that I held in such high regard. Finally, all the years of challenging work had paid off and my original calling had been fulfilled.

Now I am part of an incredible team that is helping customers to navigate transformation in a fast-paced digital era. And I know that I am part of something special. I hope that my story inspires others to follow their inner voice, set up a clear goal and work hard until you achieve it. Success is possible, provided you have the courage to take the leap and go for it!

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