Creating a growth mindset in India through a shared experience

by Arjun Rajagopal – India |  June 8, 2018

When the Inside Sales team in India heard we were going rafting as part of a team building activity the entire sales floor erupted with excitement. We were set to leave for Rishikesh near Delhi to enjoy a few days of adventure and thrills. It was a new experience for many of us and something we were all looking forward to.

After a 7 hour bus journey through mountains and winding roads we reached our base camp where Parvesh Ghai, the India Inside Sales Center lead set the context by sharing his experiences around team building, trusting your colleagues and having faith in the larger team when it comes to taking risks. As many of us had not done rafting before there was more than a little trepidation around the risks involved.
Through several team building activities and experiential training on concepts around team building, the team came together to enhance collaboration, strengthen trust, and reinforce integrity.

As we overcame our fear and plunged into the water together as a team, we learned not only how to handle a raft in fast moving water, but also several key lessons around working together as a team:

Increases Connection – We learnt to communicate with each other in new ways. New experiences gave us an opportunity to take a different approach to problem-solving, particularly when our usual approach was no longer viable. Being open to new ways to communicate made us more efficient as we worked together to solve problems.

Encourages Teamwork – Hands-on learning often teaches teamwork and accountability to achieve common goals and apply learning to solve problems. Add an environment that has risk, and this learning becomes even more pivotal.

Utilizes Kinesthetic Learning – While there are many learning styles, kinesthetic learning (learning through physical activity) is especially important in enabling us to grow our skills. Learning by watching others also helped us to enhance both our technique and our ability to deal with challenges along the way.

Applies Problem Solving Skills – Progressive, experiential learning lent great gravitas to environmental stewardship and responsibility throughout the experience. From education about our ecosystem to application of new skills to keep our raft navigating through rough waters, we learned to take responsibility for ourselves and others, while taking care of the environment in which we operate.

This rafting experience was just one example of the many ways we like to come together as one to bond as a team. Being part of a team that encourages this kind of learning experience enables us not only to learn key skills that bring us closer together, but also to bring those key learnings back to the larger organization as we build our culture together.

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