Contextual engagement

Transform platforms to reach customers at the right time with the right insights to deliver value. Do it consistently around the globe.

It’s about context at scale.

Context at scale

Enhancing Microsoft platforms with digital selling capabilities transforms the customer engagement.
Guided selling using rich data sets and artificial intelligence identifies the right offering for the right customer.
Relationship selling to understand customer needs at a deeper level personalizes interactions.
Optimizing partner capability and capacity matches the right partner with the right customer.

Customer zero for digital capabilities

To put customers at the center of sales, innovative technologies and processes are interwoven into Microsoft’s DNA, transforming the customer experience.

A Digital Inside Sales Hub custom built on Azure Websites integrated with Power BI delivers digitized, globally consistent sales processes, sales playbooks, and digital seller training around the globe.

Customer-ready assets, personalized sales guidance, and integrated feedback mechanisms capture the voice of the seller, with best practices shared through user-generated content.

Guided selling powered by AI

An artificial intelligence-powered application uses sentiment analysis and behavior signals to help identify those customers who may be indicating that they are ready to engage with Microsoft.

Intelligent prediction recommends the best time to connect with those customers and which solutions would be most valuable for them, based on their activity and history of engagement with us.

By consolidating unique data and insights to make recommendations for the next best engagement, sellers can have far richer, more valuable, solution-based discussions with customers. Discussions focused on solving the customer’s business challenge together.


Intelligent cognition enables connection

Customers want to self-serve and are increasingly researching product features online, long before we talk to them. Sellers need a deeper level of technical expertise to engage with a much more well-informed customer base.

Sellers can augment their knowledge and answer customer questions in real time with extensive technical information at their fingertips in the form of a cognitive services bot.

This powerful combination of human and machine heralds a new era of digital selling to drive value-add customer conversations.

Deep technical expertise at scale

A proof of concept is often crucial to helping customers to determine whether a particular solution will meet their needs.

Having a technical expert on hand to help facilitate this discussion and tailor a proof of concept for a potential solution is key to adding value.

A cloud-based SharePoint solution enables sellers around the globe to engage with technical specialists to deliver this deep expertise to customers in a streamlined and timely manner.


From selling to relationship building

Creating a relationship with our customers is about more than just selling to them. The days of cold calling are over, as customers choose to partner with sellers who understand their business and can deliver real value.

We’re building lasting connections by engaging with our customers across social channels, getting to know them on their terms, regardless of where they are in their digital transformation journey.

This blurring of business and personal network enables a deeper understanding of customer needs and helps us build a relationship based on trust.


“We need to make it easier for our customers and partners to work with us. We’re focused on delivering a friction‐free experience as we drive a new era of digital sales for Microsoft. Inside Sales is building something that is optimistic, inspiring, and positive as they help us deliver better products and services. Anyone who has been touched by inside sales experiences their passion for the customer, and they are a catalyst for a new engagement experience.” Chris Weber

CVP, Commercial Growth Organization

Forces driving the digital customer experience

Build relationships

Customers want a more personalized, streamlined experience designed to meet the specific needs of their business. Providing real value establishes trust, builds relationships, and drives successful business outcomes.


Be channel agnostic

Customers want an experience that is ubiquitous, channel agnostic, and consistent. They want the ability to self-serve and know that we can meet them where they are, engaging with the right solution at the right time in their digital journey.

Be agile

Agility is key to meeting customer expectations of products and services. Customers expect us not only to meet but to anticipate their needs and produce solutions that are tailored to them. This means embracing a new culture where hierarchy fades and innovation happens through networks.

Daily practices, workplace structures, information sharing, and customer interaction are interconnected and interdependent.

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