Cultural innovation

Create a culture of personal leadership. Remove hierarchies and leverage diversity to harness the power of connected communities.

It’s about agility and innovation.

Agility and innovation

Connected communities create a cultural foundation of belonging and empathy.

These are crucial ingredients in creating a workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and heard.

State-of-the-art collaborative spaces enable effective teaming and creative innovation at every level.

It’s an investment in both our people and our customers—empowering our best talent to deliver the highest quality experience possible at scale for our customers.

Uniting behind a single vision creates a sense of shared purpose. Every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce our values in an authentic way.

Our products may change, but our values never will.

Embracing and valuing diversity of experience, expertise, and cultural background provide a rich range of perspectives to tap into.

A diverse, multicultural workforce respects the values and experience of a global customer base.

Where technology connects with culture

Becoming a true digital organization means embracing a new culture and mindset poised to drive transformation and adapt to change.

Embrace continual evolution

In a non-hierarchical culture, innovation is driven at every level of the organization. Leaders who bring clarity, generate energy, and deliver success foster a culture of continual evolution and improvement.

By encouraging continual evolution, we empower every team member to take a personal leadership approach to delivering results. Sellers are empowered to deliver value to customers in innovative ways.

Harness the power of the network

A deeply connected community is built through clarity of vision and understanding of each person’s role in making that vision a reality.

As a learning network leveraging analytics and rich data, we can engage with customers in a contextually relevant way at scale. We learn from each interaction to better understand each customer’s business goals.

Unlock productivity

The integration of digital selling capabilities with existing competencies creates the opportunity to offer a new and compelling value proposition to customers.

AI and social selling unlock an entirely new conversation, enabling sellers to build relationships with customers and help them achieve successful business.

“Inside Sales is so important to Microsoft as we try to reach both new customers consistently and existing customers, directly hearing about what we can do to help solve their problems with newer products that need a deeper explanation. If you are in inside sales, you are talking to a person whose problem you’re trying to help solve. Being able to go with customers on their digital transformation journey in a more committed way is the purpose of the investment we’re making in the team.”

Amy Hood

EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Forces driving the digital customer experience

Build relationships

Customers want a more personalized, streamlined experience designed to meet the specific needs of their business. Providing real value establishes trust, builds relationships, and drives successful business outcomes.

Be channel agnostic

Customers want an experience that is ubiquitous, channel agnostic, and consistent. They want the ability to self-serve and know that we can meet them where they are, engaging with the right solution at the right time in their digital journey.

Be agile

Agility is key to meeting customer expectations of products and services. Customers expect us not only to meet but to anticipate their needs and produce solutions that are tailored to them. This means embracing a new culture where hierarchy fades and innovation happens through networks.

A clear digital strategy must be combined with a culture poised to drive transformation and adapt to change.

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